Acing car dealership

Understanding rebates and financing offers:
When you stumble over the term MSRP, it means Manufacturerís Suggested Retail Price which is negotiable so donít settle for what is given except for when the car is rare or limited in which the MSRP is the last price or maybe even higher, it is called a Market Adjustment.

You get a certain amount straight from the factory which is outside the discounts from dealership. The money is termed Manufacturerís Rebates. This is not to be used as the dealerís negotiation tool. All discounts and negotiations from dealers must be unconnected from the offered rebates.

Donít let ďlowĒ finance rate as part of the dealerís negotiation. They are rates that are granted above discounts, rebates and the like. We call this the sub-vented rates which are not offered by the dealership but the factory. However, there are exceptions to the rule regarding sub-vented finance rates. Be careful with the following:

    1. Not everyone may be able to qualify for the rates. If there are issues that you think can disqualify you, then low finance rate is out of the question. Try applying first before undergoing negotiation process just to find out much later that you are indeed not qualified.

    2. You canít always combine low finance rates and rebates. There are factories that may consider it oftentimes but there is no definite rule. You might want to study the whole thing first. There may be offers from car companies which may allow you to combine both low finance rate and rebates but the tricky part is that they donít always tell you when these offers are up for grabs. If you donít know about this, you get stuck with paying a higher finance rate.

FAQ: Which is better?

The answer is simple. You must know what is best. Donít inquire from dealers because you already know that they will always have motives. The goal of getting what is only best for you is defeated. Do not pay too much attention to how much your dealer is going to earn because it does not have anything to do with your own favor. You must focus on grabbing the deal that gives you greater advantage. You donít need to care about the dealershipsí gain. Try to avoid common mistakes by people who only care about whoís paying. Always keep in mind that it is considered a good deal when all parties get the best satisfaction.

As a final answer to the FAQ, it depends on the situation and whatever decision you are going to make. It is imperative that you consider the advantage and disadvantages of each option before choosing the path that you are going to take. This is applicable to all the car issues you would have to face when you want one. It is never easy to make a decision, and we must base them from well studied and thoroughly researched facts. Donít hope that it is the correct one but make sure that it really is.